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I began consistently attending and studying yoga in 2013. Back then, I did not think of yoga as a form of healing or an opportunity to connect to my true authentic self. At first, I used yoga as a form of exercise and I honestly didn’t enjoy it that much.  I was living in Burlington, VT at the time, where there were plenty of yoga studios in walking distance from my house.

It wasn’t until I stumbled into yoga class called Forrest yoga that I felt the healing aspect of yoga.  During this time of my life I was experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain. I thought this pain came with age!  After my first Forrest yoga class I was fascinated with the new found freedom in my neck and shoulders as well as the connection between my body and breath.  What I love most about Forrest yoga are the specific intents that are structure the class. Not only do the intents guide you throughout your yoga practice, they are also tools for off the mat.

Not even a year later, I enrolled into Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in New Haven, CT.   I had zero intention to teach yoga there-after. I attended with the intention of deepening my own practice and healing the tension that I have had stored in my body. After the 28-day training I received more than just that.  The transformation physically and emotionally was life changing. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to continue to share this practice with others.

Once I came back to Vermont I started offering Yoga at a substance abuse recovery center in Rutland, VT.  This is where I developed the confidence to teach. After some traveling I decided to settle back down in New Jersey, my home state.  In 2016 I attended a Yoga Bodyworkers training in Asheville, NC studying anatomy and Myofascia Release. I am also a certified Reiki practitioner level 2 with one day hopes to reach the Master level.  

Currently I am teaching yoga in studios, gym’s as well as for a adolescent swim team in NJ.  My mission as a yoga teacher is to simply teach others how to heal and feel better in their own bodies.

To take this personal mission of helping others even further, I am embarking on another journey to become a Lifestyle Coach.  Similarly to experiencing Forrest yoga, after one coaching session with Rosie Volcano I was left with utter-amazement. Through personalized coaching I found what was blocking me from a deeper connection to my authentic self.  


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