What is your deepest desire? Maybe you don’t even know what it could be. What quickens your blood? Who do you need to become to live the life of your dreams?

‘Coaches do not fix problems.  A coach leads you into thinking a different way.  Then the problem’s fix themselves.’ -Corey Patricia Thomas


Are you at a crossroads in your life, faced with making important choices?

Would you benefit from the support of being heard and supported?  

Are you ready to battle any belief that limits what you can be?

Are you willing to step out of what is uncomfortable and into what is authentic?


If so, book a free grounding coaching call with Coach Corey  HERE


Prior to Coaching, Corey was living a mediocre life.  Not that there is anything wrong with how she was living, but she had big dreams and was not taking the strides to reach them.  Doubt, fear, debt, lack of confidence hindered her forward motion. It wasn’t until she started to do the inner work with a coach, things started to shift.  She was able to identify what was getting in the way and was taught how to shift her perception. Since working with The Little Volcano’s Corey decided to take a leap toward her dream of living in the Caribbean, teaching Forrest Yoga nationwide, supporting TLV 4-Day transformation Events worldwide, meditating, getting in the best shape of her life, deepened the relationships with her parents and friends, and learned to be unapologetically  and confidently herself.

(8) One-hour coaching calls per week

Vision Work aka ‘assignments’

*Bonus: if you sign up by October 1, you will be added to Corey’s Collective, an Online Yoga Community, for the 8 weeks!

Prepare to be pushed, held accountable and triggered so that you can step into a new version of yourself.  Shedding your old lobster shell is NOT comfortable. But it is thrilling.



Investment: $997.00

Payment plans available upon request.