Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddling & SUP Yoga & SUP Meditation
Also known as S.U.P.
Stand Up Paddling originated in Hawaii that is an offshoot of surfing. It is done on a large inflatable board with a long paddle similar to ones used for canoeing.

SUP Yoga is innovative new way to challenge and transform your ‘land’ practice.   Using a paddle board specifically made for yoga while anchored will give you the opportunity to embrace change and lack of environmental control. Not only does SUP Yoga connect you within it also allows you to be immersed in the nautical scene around you.  SUP Yoga is highly empowering and invorgiating. All yoga levels welcomed. Suggested that you are able to swim.



SUP Meditation

Enjoy warming up the body by paddling to a serene location, anchor down and take a comfortable seated or lying down position while Corey guides you through a meditation. Arise from your meditation feeling rejuvenated and clear to paddle.

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